Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a personal dedicated listing Homepage?

    Yes. You will automatically get a homepage to easily showcase all your properties. We also allow you to provide your own custom domain and map it to your tourmatic homepage URL. If you don't own a custom domain, no problem! We provide you with a vanity url for FREE to use in place of if you choose to. You still have the option to use as the url.

    Tourmatic URL:
    Vanity URL:
    Custom URL:

  • Can I White-Label Tourmatic service?

    Yes. You can easily map your custom domain to your tourmatic account and all your single property sites will run on this custom domain. This is a great option if you want to have a complete branded white-labled experience in place of tourmatic.

  • Can I have a custom domain name for my properties?

    Yes. You can map your custom domain name to your single property site.

  • Can I change the URL of the property?

    Yes. You can add a custom URL as long as that URL is not taken.

  • Do you provide Analytics Report and Sharing option?

    Yes. We have a built-in reporting dashboard that allows you to share and track your visitors, monitor views on your property and see how and from where your visitors are coming to your property site.